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Because the economics and consuming conditions change every minute, business has to be managed for highest efficiency including marketing activities promoting products and services in order to maintain the circulation where competition is high with many limitations.Using advertising media must consider highest benefit and  ability to reach the target group f or the value of what is paid. Route Media is another marketing channel to reach consumers by Below The Line media, outdoor media that can often been seen and emphasize the brand well.The media is lower in cost. Route Media assists your marketing activities to proceed without the circulation stumbling

The media area of Route Media focuses on general people walking on the street, those who take public buses, students, and people.This media approaches the target group in Bangkok and surrounding provinces where the population is more than 7 million. With various shapes of media area according to the size of the vehicles, product owner creates the interesting work on different areas.The design must be taken care of with expertise because all picture details create memory. The materials used must be standard quality with sunlight durability.  Furthermore, placing stickers on the surface must be careful because the vehicle shape is highly curved and concaved.Professional worker is needed for the installation. With more than 10 years experience that we have operated the business, the professional work is guaranteed

The advertisement on vehicles can be chosen from the following:

Place stickers by selecting from our database: The vehicles are mass transporting van with fixed route and distance per month. You can select the desired routes meeting the targets within Bangkok and the surrounding area. The operating time is 8-10 hours on weekdays and 5-7 hours on weekends.

Place stickers on your own vehicles: The vehicles could be the delivery trucks or employee transporting vehicles to create organizational image or to advertise the product for recognition.

Manufacturing cost includes the following

  1. High quality sticker lifetime 2-5 years (Depending on the requirements and usage)
  2. Installation and peeling stickers out          
  3. Fixing the stickers in case of damages while the vehicles are in the on going program (In the case of choosing the vehicles from our database)
  4. Vehicle color warranty: The warranted vehicle must be inspected that color of that part is not peeled off or scratched prior to the sticker work.